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Transparent pricing for retirement and financial planning services

Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. Is Committed to Transparency of All Fees

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A Word about Transparency of Investment Management Fees

There is a saying that goes, “If at the end of a merger, you have a question in your mind about who’s in charge, guess what, you have just been acquired!”

We Are Committed to Fee Transparency

At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. we don’t want you to have to “guess” about the services you are paying for. As an investment fiduciary, we believe that it is our obligation to disclose our schedule of fees for investment management advice & consulting, including financial planning, not “upon request”, but upfront.

Providing full disclosure about how Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. is compensated for the work that we perform is important. We strive to maintain a fee schedule that is commensurate with the marketplace for our services. We review our investment management fees (including financial planning fees) every three years to determine if a change is warranted.

  • Portfolio ValueAnnual Investment Advisory Fee
  • up to $499,0001.40%
  • $500,000-$999,9991.25%
  • $1,000,000-$1,999,9990.90%
  • $2,000,000-$3,999,9990.75%
  • $4,000,0000-$4,999,9990.60%
  • $5,000,000-$7,999,9990.45%
  • $8,000,000-$9,999,9990.30%
  • *$10,000,000+Negotiable

Complimentary Suite of Services

If we are chosen to provide portfolio management services on behalf of our clients, we are happy to offer the following services (including annual updates) on a complimentary basis:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Written Portfolio Review
  • Comparative Investment Analysis

Why We May Quote a Flat Fee or Hourly Rate

There are times when a client will engage our firm to provide financial planning and/or investment management consulting services only, while having their investment portfolio managed by a different firm. In this case, our fee (flat or hourly) will be based on both the complexity and amount of time that will be required to prepare a comprehensive financial plan, and/or a portfolio review & comparative investment analysis.

Financial Planning and Portfolio Review & Analysis

We offer a flat fee for the below services. When you choose us for your financial plan and comparative investment analysis, we offer a savings of $200.

  1. Comprehensively written financial plan: $1,150
  2. Comprehensive portfolio review & comparative investment analysis: $550
  3. Combined financial plan and portfolio review & comparative investment analysis: $1,500

Hourly Rate

After we have a discussion about what your needs are, we may quote an hourly rate (in lieu of a flat fee) in the amount of $225.00 per hour.

Methods of Payment

Payment for comprehensive financial plan and/or a written portfolio review and analysis may be made in the form of a personal check or money order made payable to our Registered Investment Advisory affiliate: Kovack Advisors, Inc. c/o Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.™.

We require that 1/2 of the total payment be made due upon receipt and signing of our financial planning & investment advisory agreement. The remaining 1/2 payment is due upon delivery of the comprehensive financial plan and/or written portfolio review and analysis.

Investment Fiduciary & Consulting Services

In most cases, a request that is made for investment fiduciary & consulting services is detailed in an official Request for Proposal (RFP). When we prepare a response to a RFP we may request to review the previous winning bid in order to ensure that our fees reflect the current market for the services being sought, as outlined in the RFP. Please contact us to schedule a consulation.

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